Agra is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh and located 206 kilometers south of Delhi, about five to six hours bus/train ride. Being home of the majestic Taj Mahal, it is one of the major tourist destinations in India.


Aside from the great mausoleum, Agra has other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Agra Fort and Fatehpūr Sikrī.

  • I spent 2,525 Rupees about 1,800  Pesos (38 USD). I could have spent a little less if I stayed in a cheaper hotel, had budget meals and didn’t rush to go to my next stop.

  •  RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount (Rupees)
      Delhi to AgraBus5.5 Hrs95
      Hotel to Taj MahalSchool Bus20 MinutesFree Ride
      Taj Mahal to Train StationRickshaw20 Minutes150
      Agra to DelhiTrain5 Hours90

    * Approximate

  •   Kanak Palace (Single Room)900
  •   Taj Mahal750
      Tomb of Akbar the Great100
  •   (Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch)440
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