The center of tourism in Myanmar is this ancient holy site which has the remains of hundreds of Buddhist temples and pagodas spread on a single expansive plain.

  • I spent 76,500 Kyat  about PHP 2,950  (USD 63.5 ) for transportation and accommodation.


    Exchange rate at the time of travel (July 2016) was
    1 USD = 46.4 PHP = 1,208 LAK

  •  RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount
      Guesthouse to Bus TerminalTaxi1.5 Hours10,000
      Yangon to BaganMinn Thar VIP Bus9 Hours18,500

    * Approximate

    You can actually go to the bus terminal sharing taxi with other guests from the same guesthouse. Unfortunate for me, there were no one else going so I had to shoulder all 10,000 Kyat.

  •   2 nights in Eden Motel III18,000

    A bed is USD 8 for one night with free breakfast which consists of egg, two pieces of toasts, butter/jam, a plate of watermelon chunks, banana, coffee and cream.

  •   Sunrise in Bagan Plains30,000

    The bus leaves Yangon at exactly 8:00 PM and arrives at the bus station in Bagan really early in the morning. Upon arrival, the bus would be swarmed by taxi drivers making various offers. I went with the one who offered to take me to Bagan Plains in time to view the sunrise then take me to my hotel for a total of 30,000 Kyat and I wouldn’t have to pay the 25,000 Kyat entrance fee to the Bagan Zone which is valid for three days. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be allowed to visit the most prominent Burmese Temples in the area without the entry ticket. So I suggest you go with the righteous taxi drivers even if you pay more (or may even be less), your money goes to the right hands.

  • Myanmar food is 2,500 Kyat

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