One of the major attractions in Nepal is its first National Park which is located in the District of Chitwan. The park is home to some rare animals most of them undomesticated like rhinoceros, deer, pythons, leopards and several other species.


The tourists center, having several restaurants, shops, hotels and guesthouses, is in Sauraha. It is a riverside Village where locals tame elephants for riding, bathing and other activities for visitors.

  • I spent NPR 2,900 about PHP 1,270 (USD 27) for transportation and accommodation. Note that I travel from Phokara.

  •  RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount
    (Nepalese Rupee)
      Phokara to ChitwanTourist Bus5 Hours600
      Chitwan to PhokaraTourist Bus5 Hours600

    * Approximate

    My hotel offer free pick up from and drop off to the bus stop which was around few kilometers away.

  •   2 nights in Eden Jungle Hotel1,600

    My stay was with free breakfast and I was given one free lunch as well.

  •   Elephant Bath100

    I just walked to the river some kilometers away behind a village and saw some locals washing the elephants and asked if I could join them. I was allowed to ride one and paid a hundred.

  • 1. That’s the free meal I got from the hotel.
    2. A menu in a restaurant near the river bank.

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