teFeet’s Cleanliness Award 2017


The teFeet Cleanliness Award

This award is given to budget accommodation establishments that maintain a high standard of cleanliness at their premises. The rating is based on the level of compliance with the GOOD HYGIENE AND SANITATION PRACTICES.


Since TEFeet (Al Kadam) started backpacking in July 2015, he had been to 75 destinations in Asia and Africa and stayed in nearly a hundred hostels and guesthouses. Being a budget traveler, his main consideration in booking a place had always been the price. Oftentimes, he had to put up with the discomfort and inconvenience.


Recently, he stayed in a dormitory in Kuala Lumpur for 25 Ringgit (about 6 US Dollars) a night. Lo and behold, the place was infested with bugs. Two Chinese guests were terribly bitten, there were rashes all over their bodies. TEFeet and another guest from Lithuania had to fitfully sleep in the living room. Even though the hostel had enough staff and there were also help exchange volunteers, nobody seemed to be concerned about maintaining cleanliness in the sleeping area.


TEFeet, who considers himself to be suffering from preoccupation with orderliness, but merely suppresses this condition while traveling, has come up with certain hygiene and sanitary standards based on the best practices of the places he had stayed in. He has finally had enough of these dirty hostels and guesthouses. He now aims to help these establishments efficiently manage their available resources to provide a healthier and more comfortable stay to the guests. Upon invitation, he evaluates the facilities, provides suggestions, and supervises and even helps in the cleaning. After which he issues a rated certificate of cleanliness, free of charge.

Overview of the Cleanliness Standard for Hostels and Guesthouses

Cleanliness is among the top concerns of guests in accommodation establishments and it should be part of the core values of all accommodation providers. Based on reviews and personal experience, TEFeet has observed that a squeaky clean place usually gets high guest satisfaction rating. Listed hereunder are the best practices of those hostels and guesthouses, which TEFeet now uses as reference points to measure cleanliness level.



□ Cleaning routine is strictly observed

□ Housekeeping is done daily

□ Spring cleaning is done at least twice a year

□ There is a procedure for rubbish disposal

□ Have a maintenance for sanitary piping and sewers

□ There is a pest control timetable

□ There is no trace of insect infestation


Dorm, Private Rooms and Communal Area

□ Vents, partitions, floors, and walls are clean and maintained in good condition

□ Furniture and fixtures are dusted daily

□ Curtains, rugs, seat cover, etc are regularly changed and/or cleaned

□ New guest are given clean linens

□ Long staying guest are provided new linens periodically

□ Cabinets and lockers are maintained

□ Under the beds are mopped and swept

□ Mirrors and glasses are kept clear

□ There are covered litter bins with disposable refuse bags



□ There is a laundry service or provision for washing clothes


Toilets and Wash Areas

□ Toilets and shower rooms must be spotlessly clean

□ There is a provision of soap dispensers and hand dryers or paper towels

□ There are waste bins with disposable refuse bags

□ Free soap and toilet papers are supplied continuously

□ Toilet bowls, urinals, and wash basins are sanitized and is working properly

□ Sinks and drains are not clogged

□ Floors are kept dry


Smoking Area

□ It is located outside communal area or in such a way not to bother non-smokers

□ Ashtrays are kept clean



□ Staff observes good personal hygiene

□ The living quarter is kept tidy

□ Ill members are excused from work


There are some others, which are applied on a case by case basis. For more info about this checklist send email to me@tefeet.com or via messenger on facebook.com/tefeet.


The certification is issued right after inspection, provided that the establishment has passed all the required cleanliness tests. If further cleaning is required, the certification with the corresponding rating may be issued only after such cleaning and reinspection.


The rating is indicated by CRYSTALS, 7 being fairly clean and 10, excellent. No certification will be issued for a score below 7. The certificate comes with 4″x4″ and 3″x5″ stickers.

teFeet Cleanliness Award 2017 Sticker