The capital of Indonesia is a densely populated city located on the northwestern part of Java island. Although it is a highly urbanized area with modern structures sprouting everywhere, the greeneries are prudently preserved such as well maintained parks and big trees lined along the streets.


Jakarta has a variety of structures reflecting the diverse cultural influences. Some of the places to visit include the National Museum, Taman Mini Indonesia, Ragunan Zoo, Sunda Kelapa old port and the Ancol Dreamland complex on Jakarta Bay.

  • This trip cost me IDR 1,831,600 about PHP 6,600 (USD 139).

  •  RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount (Rupiah)
      Kuala Lumpur to JakartaAir Asia2.5 Hours556,000
      Airport to GambirDAMRI Bus45 Minutes40,000
      Gambir to HotelWalk20 MinutesSweat
      Hotel to GambirMotorbike5 Minutes15,000
      Gambir to AirportDAMRI Bus45 Minutes40,000
      Jakarta to Kuala LumpurAir Asia2.5 Hours750,600

    I hired a tuk-tuk to drive me around for 2 hours and paid 100,000.

    * Approximate

  •   3 nights in the Djody Hotel330,000
  • f_id_jakarta_01
    Ayam goreng with nasi puti is 20,000 Rupiah

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