Another Cambodian province that is also popular among travelers is Kampot which is located in the southwestern part of the country. The province is locally known for its production of high quality pepper. Its capital, also named Kampot, is a riverside town with structures built under the French rule.


Kampot’s main attractions include the Sunset River Cruise and a group tour to Bokor Hill Station.

  • The total for transportation, accommodation and tours is USD 33 about 1,570 Pesos

  •  RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount
    (US Dollar)
     Sihanoukville to KampotKampot Tours Shared Van 2 Hours6.00

    * Approximate

  •   4 nights at Captain Chim’s Guesthouse11.00

    I highly recommend this place. But don’t book in Agoda. The first night I paid 5 Dollars; a night at the dorm room costs only 3 Dollars without the booking.

  •   Sunset River CruiseWith free soda or bottled water5.00
      Bokor Hill StationGuided tour, lunch included11.00

    The Bokor Hill Station tour also includes the Sunset River Cruise and watching Fireflies. The only difference is that for the River Cruise at  USD 5 you go on a smaller boat with very few people.

  • f_kh_Kampot_03

    Scrambled egg with bread at Captain Chim’s is USD 1.75. That is a menu in a noodle house in Old Market. Food is cheaper in the food stalls along the sidewalk. Fried chicken with rice is only USD 1.50.

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