The incident happened inside the dorm room of Downtown Monkey Hostel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The dorm had two double decks and there were three guests, all Asian matured men. The three men had incompatible personalities like three conflicting shades of evil from different attitude pallets.


It was almost eleven in the evening and the oldest man on the upper left bed was watching some adult clips on his phone with its speaker at an audible level. When he seemed to have enough of the porn and his body temperature normalized, he climbed down to switch off the ceiling fan. The other middle-aged man on the lower right bed, who was somewhat irritated with the moaning in the gadget, stood up to switch on the fan just when the former was back on his bed. After a few minutes, the first went down to switch it off again. The second took his turn. Then the heated argument erupted. The third man did nothing but filmed the quarrel.




Character Witness One, referring to the middle-aged man on the lower right bed:


It was a holiday in Colombo and most establishments were closed. Roommate and I went out to find a place where we could get cheap food. About three blocks from the hostel, we found a local restaurant serving biryanis at 150 Rupees a plate. I ordered chicken biryani and he ordered the same with extra vegetables and egg. Mine was for take-out and he would have his food there. After some minutes, the server handed our order, both were packed in plastic. While uttering obscenities, my ill-tempered roommate furiously flipped the plate on the table. The clang echoed in the restaurant and everyone looked at us. I was glad that the manager was a refined man who spontaneously acknowledged the mistake and apologized for the misunderstanding.


Character Witness Two, referring to the oldest man on the upper left bed:


He arrived at breakfast time around nine o’clock. Of course, free breakfast for all B&Bs would only be served in the morning following the night’s stay. But this slant-eyed, jaundiced old man insisted that he be given free breakfast already. The host was nice so he got what he wanted.


Moments later, he came to me and asked for the wifi password. I gave him the password but he did not get it right. He handed me his phone so I would enter it myself. It was not in English so I asked him to switch language. He would not want to change the symbolic characters into legible alphabets and so I just ignored him when he complained of not being able to connect. He was pissed and started talking loudly. I felt provoked so I get back at him, “why are you yelling?!!! Go fix your phone, there is no problem with the wifi.” He retreated to his space and continued to eat his banana pancake.







Whether the subject ceiling fan should be switched on or off.




Disagreement among guests in hostel dormitories is very common. Facilities are shared and everyone wants to use those for their own comfort, often unmindful of others. Because comfort is relative and guests come from dissimilar environments, clash cannot be avoided.


I personally experienced attitude clashes with [RACE PURPOSELY OMMITTED] as I find them rude, inconsiderate and feeling superior. For the sake of fairness, I am setting aside such bias. I am likewise setting aside the testimonies. While they prove the bad behavior of the disputants, they are immaterial in the instant case.


As seen in the video, the good host proposed that the ceiling fan be turned off and she would bring in another fan so one could use it exclusively. The ill-tempered guest (both were actually ill-tempered and egocentric so this one could be nicknamed ceiling fan lover or the plate flipper) rejected the remedy. It was actually fair. As James Mill put it, “he who rejects the remedy, clings to the disease.” The plate flipper having refused to accept the alernative fan, he shall bear the warm atmosphere.


Case is decided in favor of the old man. The ceiling fan should be switched off.


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