Also popular among backpackers is this little town on the bank of Ou River north of Laos. It is beautifully surrounded by hills and limestone mountains with the opposite banks connected by bridge that serves as fascinating picture spot.


Some of the activities include a visit to the Pha Tok Caves, few hours hike to the viewpoint, slow boat ride on the river and light trek to the 100 waterfalls.

  • I spent LAO KIP 427,472 about PHP 2,480 (USD 52.77) for transportation and accommodation.

    Exchange rate at the time of travel (July 2016) was
    1 USD = 47 PHP = 8,100 LAK

  •  RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount
    (Lao Kip)
      Luang Prabang to Nong KhiawVan + Local Bus4 Hours85,000
      Bus Stop to HotelTuk Tuk5 Minutes5,000
      Nong Khiaw to Vang ViengVan + Sleeper Bus9 Hours220,000

    * Approximate

    I booked my trip to Nong Khiaw at my guesthouse. The bus ticket from local bus station to Nong Khiaw was only 37,000 Kip so I basically paid 48,000 Kip for the van from the guesthouse to the local bus station.  I suggest that you just go to the bus station in a shared Tuk Tuk, you could probably get a cheaper fare.

  •   1 night in Amphai Guesthouse77,472
      1 night in Delilah’s Dorm30,000

    I booked my hotel for my first night in Agoda and that’s the cheapest hotel listed. I found out there were several guesthouses and some were way way cheaper. 

  •   Pha Tok Caves10,000
  • Halal food in an Indian Restaurant:
    1. Aloo do piaz: 12,000; chapatie: 8,000; plain rice: 8,000; banana lassi: 10,000
    2. Fried noodle: 20,000; mango lassi: 12,000

    Lao soup in another restaurant nearby:
    3. Chicken: 25,000
    4. Vegetable: 20,000

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