Another popular tourist destination in Indonesia is this town in Pangandaran Regency within the province of West Java. It is likewise frequented by neophyte surfers due to its fine black sand beach and regular-sized waves.


Its major attraction is the Pangandaran National Park located on an entire 100 meter wide headland. Other places to visit in the Regency include the Green Canyon and Citumang.

  • This trip cost me IDR 868,000 about PHP 3,125 (USD 66).

  • IN

     RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount (Rupiah)
      Yogyakarta to PangandaranShared Van7 Hours150,000


      Hotel to bus stopTuk-Tuk5 Minutes20,000
      Pangandaran to RambutanBus8 Hours95,000
      Rambutan to SenenLocal Bus1 Hour8,000
      Senen to Jalan JaksaWalk15 MinutesSore Feet

    Motorbike from hotel to the bus stop in Pangandaran would only cost 10,000 Rupiah. You can also just go by foot , it was only few hundred meters away.

    * Approximate

  •   2 nights in Pondok Kengala270,000

    On the first night I was charged 150,000 which included the commission of the motorbike driver who took me there. I only paid 120,000 the following night.

  •   Citumang and Green Canyon300,000

    I was told that the price was inclusive of all but I was made to pay additional 25,000 Rupiah for lunch.

  • 1. Nasi ayam = 20,000
    2. Grilled fish with nasi = 40,000

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