Singapore (Singapura), an island located at the tip of the southernmost part of mainland Asia, can be historically described as a battle-scarred commercial capital. It had been an established trading port long before it was ceded to Britain in 1826. It basked in prosperity in the late 18 hundreds as a major exporter of rubber. Commerce and industry collapsed when it was occupied by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War 2. After the war, it was repossessed by British in 1945 and its economic activities returned to normal. When it gained independence in 1965, Singapore joined with other states to form the Federation of Malaysia. The federation was a failed setup so it opted to venture on its own despite its small territory. When Lee Kuan Yew became Prime Minister, he decreed policies which gainfully utilized the labor force and enhanced international business relations; the economy then rapidly took off moving it from a developing nation to one of the top richest countries in the world within a span of few years.

  • Top places to visit in Singapore:

    Marina BayThe Marina Bay Sands is a resort complex known for its particularly remarkable ship-shaped park attached on top of the three buildings.Merlion ParkMerlion Park is Singapore’s landmark, a statue with a body of a fish and a head of a lion that spouts water from its mouth.Universal StudiosUniversal Studios Singapore, located in Resorts World Sentosa, is the first Universal Studios theme park to open in Southeast Asia.
    Palawan Beach, SentosaPalawan Beach lies in the center of the southern coast of Sentosa with a bridge connected to an islet very near the Equator.Clarke QuayClarke Quay is a historical riverside docking platform located in Singapore River with blocks of restaurants and nightclubs.Fort Canning ParkFort Canning Park is a small hill just a little more than 60 meters high located in the southeast portion of the island.
  • The total expenses for transportation, accommodation and pass is only SGD 48.15 about 1,630 Pesos (USD 35). This BUDGET TEMPLATE does not include expenses for food and inbound/outbound airfare. Please check the expenses for my trip to KUALA LUMPUR and JOHOR BAHRU where I made this side trip from.
  • IN

     RouteMode* Travel TimeAmount
    (SG Dollar)
      JB Sentral to Queen StreetRegular Bus 1.5 Hour(MYR 2.50)


      Queen Street to LarkinTourist Bus 1.5 Hour3.30

    Going to Singapore via Johor Bahru

    After passport checking at the JB Sentral CIQ, take the escalator down to PLATFORM A;
    Look for bus number 160 or 170;
    Pay MYR 2.50 (Make sure to bring exact amount and keep the bus ticket)
    Bus stops at Singapore CIQ.

    In Singapore CIQ you need to fill up an EMBARKATION CARD for submission at the Immigration Counter;
    After passport checking, take the escalator down to bus platform and board Bus number 170;
    Just show the ticket, or else you will have to pay again;
    This bus makes several stops and takes about an hour to the Queen Street;
    At the last stop, go towards the park then turn right;
    Walk to the intersection, take one block to the left, then proceed right to Bugis Station;

    Ride the Metro. Aljunied (where the guesthouse is located) is only 3 stations away.

  •   Tourist PassValid for 3 days20.00

    The Singapore Tourist Pass is a special transport card for unlimited rides on buses, MRT and LRT trains valid for 1 to 3 days. For a 3-day pass, you will initially pay SGD 30, SGD 10 as deposit refundable upon return of ticket.

  •   2 nights at Urban Hostel24.00

    This hostel is located just beside the Metro Station in Aljunied. Not a great place but at 12 Singaporean Dollars a night, the dorm room is good enough.

  • Food is affordable at food stalls in Aljunied Station and in a cafeteria near the hostel. Chicken wing with rice is SGD 4.00. It cost more in Marina Bay area. A small bottle of mineral water is SGD 3.00. You can also find some exotic fruits, but they cost a lot. That little pack of durian is 10 SG dollars.

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